Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some Senior Photos

Looking for Senior photography in Jackson, TN. Look no further. Altared Visions Photography is here. Click on the example of our last client (Jen Virtue):
IMG_5180JenSeniorPortrait copy

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Christmas in Jackson, TN

The holidays were fun this year. We had tons of people over for christmas eve dinner. I love all of those guys that came over, but I was glad for that dinner to be over with. Not that it wasn't fun, but very exhausting. We used our old christmas tree, but used some new ornaments and ribbon:


We had our son, Gabriel, that evening write a letter to Santa Clause, telling him that he needed to be careful, and that he was a good boy this year. We left him some cookies and milk as well.

The next morning he woke up and saw that Santa had eaten the cookies and drank the milk. Santa also wrote a letter back telling him to be good.


The children had a massive amount of toys this year. It made a huge mess!


Christmas in Nashville, TN

Two weeks Prior to Christmas, we took our son to see Santa Clause at Bass Pro Shop in Nashville, TN. It was pretty fun. While the parents stood in line, they had lots of free remote control cars, train sets and laser guns for the children to play with. WOW! They were really thinking.


After that we saw the nativity that they had set up at the Opry Hotel. It's a bummer that I couldn't cross the ropes so I could actually see the nativity. I couldn't see it at all, so I just had to take some photos around it.