Monday, August 01, 2011

You guys will love this! I decided to take some photos around Jackson, TN. While I was doing this, I took some high profile photos with my CELL PHONE. This is a contribution to my argument that the camera is not the reason for good photos. IT IS THE PHOTOGRAPHER. For more photos, just click here.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I know I havent done many posts since Feb. but, we have been pretty busy... hence, the insane amount of posts as of late. Here in this post is a photo taken for a slide show that was presented at a Baby Dedication Ceremony. Click the Photo to see the rest of them.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tornadoes Damage: Path of Tornado Destruction Photos

We were in Mt. Hope, Alabama with our church, Journey Church of Jackson, TN, cleaning up from the Tornado destruction. Where we were, you could see a lot of damage. It was bad, just like Joplin, MO. They got some press, but not as much as Joplin. I feel for these guys. Click the photo to see the rest of the pictures. I only had about 5 minutes to take some photos from the car since we worked all day.

Tornados are just one of many dangers that we can prepare for.

 I really want everyone that normally would read this blog to consider the possibilities of natural disasters, and what we can do to provide our families with safety and protection.  I know of a survivalist blog that has all of the information that we need in order to make it through these situations.  I don't necessary know if ALL of the information on the clever survivalist website is needed for my child's safety, but most of it is great.

All of the blogs end up creating a large survival guide full of information showing everyone how to live an abundant life when times are good, or not.  You learn Square Garden Design, on the Guide to Square Foot Gardening Spacing post, How to Store Food Using the Copy Can Method and Grocery Store Food, about backup power, and more to help home life.

There are also wilderness survival tips for parents that love taking their children camping, like finding north without a compass or how to navigate using a compass and map.  I like the posts made in the survivor school series that teach how to make shelters.

So check out the Clever Survivalist Blog Survival Guide and start learning awesome information, and maybe see some awesome photos.

New Portraits in Jackson, TN

I was able to shoot alot of photos for the Mother Daughter Dance for Journey Church in Jackson, TN. It was A LOT of fun. I only added a few portraits from this because I obtain specific permission prior to placing my photos online.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Skillet Guitarist, Ben Kasica, Is Leaving the Band

Skillet guitarist, Ben Kasica, is leaving the Band. The Band will no doubtly be looking for someone that can shred on the guitar with their teeth, like he did. Read the full story here.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We've recently added some photos on our landscapes page and on our portraiture page.
You can click the photos to go to them.